New bike : Airnimal Rhino

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Switching from 20" Dahon to Airnimal...


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New bike : Airnimal Rhino

Published on 11 April 2021

After waiting two months, it has finally arrived!

Pictured here with a front carbon wheel and front Hayes hydraulic brake instead the Avid BB7. After having use Magura and Hayes hydraulic brakes for years, I cannot support a such downgrade !!!.

The build quality is great and despite the Airnimal is heaviest than my Dahon Jetsream EX it seems to me fastest. I'll check speed later...

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  1. Valter 27 september 2021, 09:51 # 0

    I found your blog by searching online for parts for my 2008 Jetstream P8. I quickly consume every post! How are you linking the Airnimal so far?

    1. Jestream Otaku 01 october 2021, 18:44 # 0
      Thank you for your comment.
      The Airnimal is a quite heavy in comparaison. The main reason for this choice is that I was looking for a bike more suitable and versatile bike for touring with a rear rack and paniers. Despite the extra weight, the confort and the serious build of the Airnimal are obvious with more reliability for offroad trips.