Fujinon 10x70 X Leofoto BV-15 setup

Jestream Otaku

My second Fujinon 10x70 setup with Leofoto BV-15 fluid head and Omegon Pro carbon tripod.


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Fujinon 10x70 X Leofoto BV-15 setup

Published on 7 September 2023

After having tested the mount of the Fujinon 10x70 on a Leofoto VH-30 head, I finally decided to acquire the BV-15 fluid head from the same brand.

Here is the detail of this second configuration:

  • Tripod: Omegon Pro 40mm carbon
  • Central geared column: Leofoto GC-404C
  • Head: Leofoto BV-15
  • Bracket for custom binocular adapter: Haoge LVR200-AS (arca-swiss)
  • Smartphone adapter: SP Connect Micro Stem Mount Alu
  • Smartphone female adapater: Sp Connect adhesive Universal Interface Adapter

To be continued...

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