Carbon wheelset unpacking

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Dahon Jetstream EX upgrade : carbon wheelset unpacking


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Carbon wheelset unpacking

Dahon Jetstream EX

Published on 4 November 2017

Dahon Jetstream EX upgrade : carbon wheelset unpacking

I received my new set of 20" disc wheels ordered to WINBREAK on Amazon.

The delivery delivery time was a bit long, about 3 weeks. The wheels had been carefully packed.

When I placed the order I was a little concerned about the quality. At the first inspection, I was rather reassured. The assembly seemed to have been done very seriously.

All the advertised specifications were accurate and match Jetstream EX specs :

  • 100mm width for front wheel
  • 135mm width fore rear wheel

Hubs are Novatech.

Material used is Carbon Fiber-Toray T700 with 3k Matte rim finish.

According the seller, all wheelset are tested and pass EN quality standards.

Announced weight is 1250g±30g/pair excluding skewers.

I saw the wheels on a Chinese market place at a better price, from the same seller but I didn't have any problems with custom fees then I finally prefered the Amazon way including VAT.

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