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Dahon Jetstream EX

Published on 4 June 2018

Need Help !

I have bought a new carbon crank set but I realized the interface is ISIS octalink, not ISIS.

Then I'm searching for a new bottom bracket.

I started gto collect data on the original Jetstream BB. According Dahon website specs, it's an American Classic BB.

Here are the dimensions that I took:

  • bottom frame width: 68mm
  • bottom frame width + chrome overtaking : 74mm
  • bottom frame width + chrome overtaking + tightening screw: 82mm
  • axle: 118mm

The big question: does I need to change for a 68 x 118mm or other bottom bracket ?

I don't know excactly I don't know if the chrome "overtaking" is a part of the frame itself of a part of the bottom bracket exceeding on both sides.

Please help me ! --Here or on post I sent on

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